Month: February 2020

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What is anxiety? What are some symptoms of anxiety? 

Are you feeling worried about a problem at work, do you get a nervous feeling in your stomach thinking about certain things, do you get nervous about driving in a thunderstorm? Do you get a panicked feeling waiting for the results of a big test or from a doctor’s visit? The fact is tension, every day stress big or small, in children or adults can be classified as some sort of anxiety and overtime can lead to higher levels of anxiety. For most people feelings of anxiety come and go, only lasting a short time, but unfortunately for some people, the feeling of stress or tension (a.k.a. anxiety)is more than just passing worries or stress from everyday life. Sometimes anxiety may not go away for many weeks, months or years. Over time it can worsen, sometimes so severe that it starts to interfere with daily life.READ MORE

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What are some Natural Alternative to Skin Care? We take a look at Rosemary and Licorice Root:

A brief history on Rosemary and Licorice Root:

Rosemary is not just found in your kitchen cabinet! Rosemary has been making its way into our skincare products. The name Rosemary originates from the Latin word Rosmarinus officinalis, which translates to “dew of the sea.”  Rosemary is an evergreen shrub with needle-like leaves and blue flowers that can easily grow to six feet. Rosemary is a member of the mint family and is very aromatic. Now that we know a little history about Rosemary, let’s talk about how this fragrant herb can benefit your skin! READ MORE