Month: September 2020

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Ways for Women to Feel Younger After 40

Every trip around the sun is cause for celebration, but once you go over the hill, you may notice some changes. Aging is natural, but there’s no harm in defying it to always look and feel young after 40. In fact, some of the most famous Hollywood actresses are over 40 and clearly thriving. 

Steal a page from their book and you’ll be looking and feeling younger after 40 too. Here are 11 ways every woman can be at the top of her game even in her 40s, and beyond!


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Best Fall CBD Recipes

After great feedback from our CBD-infused summer recipes, we have decided to create CBD-infused fall recipes for the upcoming season! There’s so many ways to incorporate CBD into your daily routine, food and beverages is one of them!

We hope you enjoy these tasty recipes.  (Don’t worry pumpkin-spice latte lovers, we didn’t forget about you!)




Copy of Tinctures VS Softgels

CBD Oil Tincture VS CBD Softgels

Two of the most popular ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD are in capsules and tinctures. You might be asking the question: which is better? They are both effective, and both are formulated to ensure your body absorbs as many phytonutrients as possible. So what are the differences between these two CBD products and which one is the best for your needs and lifestyle? Let’s take a look!