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Zinc (Zn) And Its Effects On Human Health

The human body requires certain mineral elements to function correctly. These minerals are referred to as essential mineral elements and must be obtained by a balanced diet as they are not produced or stored by the body. Zinc (Zn) is one of the many essential elements that ensure the healthy functioning of the human body. Zinc is considered a trace essential element which means that a minimal amount is required for optimum body function, but a deficiency will have profound adverse effects. After iron, it is the second most abundant trace mineral found in the cells of the human body.


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Vitamin C: An Essential Vitamin

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid is a water-soluble vitamin that is not synthesized by the human body. The inability of humans to synthesize this vitamin means that the vitamin has to be arbitrarily taken in the diet. Another reason that advocates how vital this vitamin is the fact that the human body presents with symptoms if this vitamin is not taken in the required amount – and the deficiency disease is called Scurvy.


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Beat The Summer Heat In A Cool Way

Doesn’t it seem like summers are continually getting hotter each year? We think so! Check out this list of 11 ways to beat the heat this summer:

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Use a portable mini fan
  3. Eat cold, nutritious foods (like fruit, veggies, cold sandwiches, etc.)
  4. Hop in the pool.
  5. Apply ice to your body’s cooling points (head, underarms, wrists are typical)
  6. Open windows if there is a breeze to promote airflow
  7. Exercise- your body acclimates to the heat.
  8. Use curtains when the sun is beating through
  9. Take a cold shower/bath instead of a hot one
  10. Keep your hair up to keep it off of your shoulders
  11. Keep a spritzer bottle of water to spray yourself throughout the day
Want ideas for some summer fun?


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Feeling Tired?

We all know that familiar groggy feeling in the morning, the afternoon, and sometimes almost all day long. You’ve tried a cup of coffee, a power nap, or even splashing your face with cold water but nothing seems to work. Well, let’s get to the root of all of this.

Some of the most common culprits to feeling tired all the time are:


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Why Can’t I Sleep?

An adequate amount of sleep is necessary for the healthy functioning of the body. After an entire day’s work, it is important that the body gets its deserved amount of rest. Sleep at the right time for the right duration is necessary for not just physical but also mental health. Many studies have shown that a person is able to have better cognition and have better overall work performance if he/she has a proper sleep schedule. Apart from increased productivity, a good sleep regime also helps prevent many diseases by strengthening the immune system and lowering the risk of health problems as a whole.


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The Immune System And How To Strengthen It

What is the human immune system?

The human body is complex with multiple cells, systems, and organs working together to maintain homeostasis. Many environmental and internal factors affect this complex system which can lead to illness of any organ or system. Therefore, one of the important components of this complicated set-up is the immune system which acts as the defense mechanism of the body. Many special cells and organs make up this immune system that both identifies foreign bodies like viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens as well as eliminates them from the body. The sophisticated immune system in the human body is not only equipped to identify various pathogens but is also able to evolve and improve its efficiency by forming immunological memory at the time of the initial attack. This way the body can be prepared and respond more quickly in case of subsequent infection.


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Seven Effective Stress Management Techniques

Stress looks different for everybody and triggers responses that vary from individual to individual. What is it that stresses you out? Stress is our bodies reaction to the changing environment around us. Our bodies react to these changes with emotional, physical and mental responses. What are your responses to stress? Maybe you get bogged down and tired, or maybe you cannot stop tapping your feet. Whatever your responses may be, they are not always ideal. We are here to share with you seven effective stress management techniques that we love.


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What are some Natural Alternative to Skin Care?

We take a look at Rosemary and Licorice Root:

A brief history on Rosemary and Licorice Root:

Rosemary is not just found in your kitchen cabinet! Rosemary has been making its way into our skincare products. The name Rosemary originates from the Latin word Rosmarinus officinalis, which translates to “dew of the sea.”  Rosemary is an evergreen shrub with needle-like leaves and blue flowers that can easily grow to six feet. Rosemary is a member of the mint family and is very aromatic. Now that we know a little history about Rosemary, let’s talk about how this fragrant herb can benefit your skin! READ MORE

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Ways to Help Lower Your Blood Pressure

Top Three simple ways to help lower your blood pressure naturally

If you’re reading this article you are probably dealing with high blood pressure or the stress that comes with everyday life.These are just a few simple ways to help you get started, and all you have to do in most cases are little changes. You don’t need to change your entire daily routine, but I bet once you get started with these three things, you will want to do more.READ MORE

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