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Possibly one of the most simple, yet controversial questions of time still remains: Cats or dogs? Everyone will have their own special story to tell about their furry friends which ultimately leads them to their decision. Have you ever been stuck trying to choose between these two pets? Maybe looking further into both the similarities and differences will help you see new perspectives.

To start off, let’s look at how cats and dogs compare to each other aside from the most apparent characteristics:

Cats and dogs are hunters

Even though these pets are domesticated, they still have the natural instinct to scavenge. For example, this is why cats often bring things like mice into the house, and dogs also hunt larger prey.

Both love humans

Ages ago, humans would use dogs to aid in hunting and cats to keep away pests. In return, they would feed and give shelter to the animals. In modern times though, we just keep them as pets. Feeding and sheltering them is part of the responsibility that comes with having a companion

Cats and dogs are affectionate and loyal

Pets like cats and dogs give owners a sense of love, affection, and comfort. For this reason, many people use these pets as therapy. Whether you have your cat/dog as a therapy pet or not, it is not uncommon that they will become your furry best friend.

With all similarities, there also comes differences. Some more clear than others, let’s now look at how a cat and a dog are on opposite sides of the four-legged spectrum:


Cats are solitary pets. They hunt without other cats and without being in a pack. On the other hand, dogs are pack animals. They rely on other dogs to watch their back and help them. This makes dogs easier to train because they will listen to a “leader”.

Inherited physical traits

Because cats are very independent, they rely on slender bodies to be able to hunt. They are much quieter than dogs and can pounce due to their flexible bodies. Cats can easily sneak up on their prey. Dogs are typically bigger-bodied. They do not pounce or stalk their prey. Instead, they hunt and use strength advantage to win any battle. Dogs are more likely to outrun their hunt rather than sneaking up.


Cats are more omnivorous and need a filling protein for their meals. Specifically, they need the amino acids in the protein that their bodies cannot produce. Dogs, like humans, are omnivores and need fibrous foods. Their bodies can quickly digest carbohydrates like grains and starches.

Now that you know some of the lesser-known similarities and differences of cat and dogs, maybe you can further reach your answer to the difficult question. It is difficult to choose between cats and dogs when both are just so fluffy, affectionate, and companionable!

What do you prefer, cats or dogs, and why?