The working mom

The Working Mom

Parenting Advice: 10 Tips for Juggling Work and Home Life.

Every parenting blog or mom blog out there has plenty of parenting advice on how to make cute crafts with kids. But blogs for moms often miss out on a huge segment of the parenting population…working moms.

Whether you work from home or in an office elsewhere, you’re always pulling double-duty. According to Market Watch, dads get more time to relax than working moms. If you’re a working mom in need of parenting advice that speaks to you on this double-standard, keep reading for 10 tips that will help you take the struggle out of juggling work and home life.

Top 10 parenting tips for the working mom


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Top Fall CBD Products

People who have seen the true colors of fall know that it is indeed the most beautiful season of all. While some people enjoy the sound of silence and leaves falling on the ground like gold dust, others may experience stress and anxiety.If you are also from the latter category, it is time for you to prepare for the upcoming holidays and enjoy them with a sound mind and healthy body. If you have been looking for a convenient calm solution for the upcoming holidays, we offer CBD products to maintain overall wellness so you can enjoy the russet colors of autumn and create picturesque memories this season.  


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Beat The Summer Heat In A Cool Way

Doesn’t it seem like summers are continually getting hotter each year? We think so! Check out this list of 11 ways to beat the heat this summer:

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Use a portable mini fan
  3. Eat cold, nutritious foods (like fruit, veggies, cold sandwiches, etc.)
  4. Hop in the pool. 
  5. Apply ice to your body’s cooling points (head, underarms, wrists are typical)
  6. Open windows if there is a breeze to promote air flow
  7. Exercise- your body acclimates to the heat.
  8. Use curtains when the sun is beating through
  9. Take a cold shower/bath instead of a hot one
  10. Keep your hair up to keep it off of your shoulders
  11. Keep a spritzer bottle of water to spray yourself throughout the day
Want ideas for some summer fun?