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Less than 15 miles from Indianapolis, you’ll find the city of Carmel, Indiana, a place that lets you enjoy an incredibly active lifestyle. It has something for everyone, an ideal business hub with plenty of outlets for embracing the outdoors and quality activities that keep you in good health.

From parks to museums and everything in between, there has never been a better time to come see what Carmel has in store. See another side of Indiana in Carmel with a bounty of things to keep you busy!

– Feel alive outside

If you love being active outdoors, Carmel is definitely for you! With the Monon Trail, an old railway that cuts through the center of the city, these paved paths let you walk, run, or bike in the beautiful surroundings. While it’s a great trail to explore any time of year, residents love it most in the fall when all the leaves change those beautiful hues.

Additionally, Carmel has its own Central Park with paved trails of its own. There’s also a dog park, skate park, playground, and water park. Picnic areas abound so pack a nutritious lunch and spend the day in this gorgeous park!

– Soak up some culture

The Palladium is the place to see shows of all kinds and discover something cultural at every turn. From symphony orchestras to comedians and plenty more, you’ll want to get tickets to have an unforgettable evening. Nearby, The Studio and the Tarkington also offer performances in smaller venues.

– Family fun

If you have kids, you’ll find plenty to keep them busy and active. Who wants screen time when they can be at the Waterpark at the Monon Community Center?!? Even if you’re only a kid at heart, you’ll love cooling off in the lazy river in the summer. Everyone loves the waterslides and trying to surf too!

– Shop and dine

Terrance Clay is an outdoor shopping mall with tons of things to do. Get that exercise in shopping in the fresh open air. There’s also a playground and dog park so everyone can have fun. And once you work up an appetite, you’ll find there are plenty of deliciously nutritious places to fuel your mind and body.

CBD Oil in Carmel

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