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We believe that Valentine’s Day serves as a reminder of how every day of the year should be lived. Each day should be filled with love for your friends, significant others, family, pets, and love yourself.

Many of us struggle with loving ourselves and treating ourselves the way we would treat a loved one. We put tremendous stress on our minds and bodies by allowing negative self-talk/thoughts to consume us. By placing reverence to love yourself, we can live each day with purpose, peace, energy, and of course…love! We have come up with 5 ways you can love yourself throughout the whole year- not just on Valentine’s Day:


  1. Start each day with positive habits 

Even if you are not a “routine person”, there are simple ways you can implement ways to love yourself into your morning to start your day off in a good state: 

  2. Make time for things you love

Do you have a hobby? Or maybe something you like to do when you have free time such as watching a movie or reading a book? We know life can get busy and it can be hard to find free time, but start off small by aiming for once a week for a short amount of time. Doing something you love, even if it is just for 30 minutes, can bring you joy and give you refreshment when you are feeling down. 


3. Replace a negative thought with a positive one

As mentioned earlier, it is easy to fall into a negative thought pattern which creates extra stress that you don’t need. You DO have the power to change your thoughts- in fact you are the only one who can! Every time you notice a negative thought popping into your brain, know that the brain is easy to deceive and choose to replace it with a positive thought. 


4. Maintain healthy relationships

Having healthy relationships is key to having love for your own self. Surround yourself with positive, healthy people- those who bring out the best in you! Maintain these positive relationships by taking time to talk on the phone, get coffee, or spend a day with them. 


 5. Get in daily movement

Moving your body is an overlooked way of showing love to yourself. Exercise and movement are scientifically proven to increase brain health- helping you think, problem-solve, and have an emotional balance. Here are different ways you can move your body each day whether you have all the time in the world or only 10 minutes:

We hope this helped you think of new ways to care for yourself. Let this Valentine’s Day serve as a reminder to you to love others and yourself each day! Try any of Heaven’s Organics products today and start to love yourself again!

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