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As the CBD industry continues to grow in popularity, with it grows a bigger problem for consumers that aren’t familiar with cannabidiol. How do you know which method is the best to take CBD? How do you find the best product out of the many different brands that offer the same thing?

There are some differences in quality we’d like to point out today, as well as the best ways to take CBD. Let’s dive into our full guide on the subject to show you some of the top choices that are popular favorites across the industry.

What is CBD?

Before we dive too far in deep, though, if you’re unfamiliar, here’s a short summary: CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant. It has a variety of different properties that people across the US and our community like to brag about. While we don’t pretend to make any medical claims, we do see many people take it to promote general wellness, as it has a wide series of uses.

What’s the Best Type of CBD Product?

Before we can answer this question fully and truly, we have to look at the various ways to take CBD that there are out there. While we won’t be able to touch on all of them, we’ll be able to touch on almost all the ones you might come across when shopping for CBD.

Different Ways to Take CBD

1. Tinctures

Everyone is different, but many consider tinctures to be one of the most effective methods out of all to take CBD. By applying CBD oil, known as a tincture, directly under your tongue, you’re sublingually dosing, which means you’re allowing the cannabinoids to absorb into the bloodstream instead of having to metabolize within the digestive system first. While tinctures are still useful if you just choose to swallow them without sublingual dosing first, you likely won’t feel the effects for much longer than if you were to just place drops under your tongue.

2. Softgels

Like we were saying with a tincture when swallowed directly, CBD products consumed in this manner have to be metabolized within the digestive system before they’re able to start providing relief. For our softgels, you can optimize the chances of feeling the strongest relief by taking after you’ve eaten food, and take with water. Becoming a more popular way to take CBD by the day, CBD softgels are an easy-to-take, convenient option that you can simply swallow and forget about so you can move on with your day. Unlike some tinctures, it can take much longer for the softgels to start providing relief. Once you’re in a consistent routine of taking CBD every day, it typically takes over an hour before effects kick in. For some people, it can even take over 3 hours before feeling any relief. Everyone is different, which is why your preferred CBD method may not be everyone else’s.

3. Salves

Balms, creams, and other topicals that go on the skin rather than being ingested are at the top of the list for most popular CBD products across the market. There are countless brands that offer every skincare product you could imagine, derived from or infused with hemp of some kind. With CBD topicals only becoming more popular, we’ve seen skincare products for skin, feet, hands, face, and other target areas on the body, with no sign of stopping in sight.

The best part about using a CBD salve is that there’s no risk of ingesting THC through this method. When it comes to consumable products, there’s always a chance that the raw hemp could’ve contained trace amounts of THC. This can stack in your system over time depending on the quantity of the CBD product you consume, but easy ways to prevent this are by verifying lab results that state there are non-detectable levels of THC in the product.

4. Edibles

There are pros and cons when it comes to taking CBD edibles. Like the softgels, edibles can sometimes take over 3 hours before any relief is felt, depending on the person. Some users report feeling effects faster on an empty stomach, but it may be more beneficial to eat something rich in heart-healthy fats before you eat the edible instead. This should help the CBD and other cannabinoids cling to the fat easier and absorb into the body better.

Gummies are possibly the most popular type of CBD edible on the market, but there’s a plethora of different choices depending on what kind of craving you’re having.

5. Vape Products

We’re not offering CBD vape products just yet. There are also pros and cons to using vapes to consume your CBD oil. Firstly, it may have been cut with an MCT oil or other base to make the overall formula less potent. Likewise, while the relief can hit almost immediately, it may fade the fastest next to smoking.

Bioavailability Matters

Why are CBD tinctures one of the most effective methods across the CBD market? We’ve looked at some of the most common types of CBD products to use, but why can they affect different people so differently? Because you sublingually dose with CBD, it mostly comes down to bioavailability. The next question might then be: what the heck is bioavailability?

Bioavailability is the percentage your body was able to absorb when a substance is consumed in some way. For example, you didn’t get to absorb all 25mg of the CBD you just swallowed. On the contrary, only a small percentage will be absorbed into the bloodstream after passing through various other systems of your body.

The percentage of CBD your body absorbs depends on the product. Our softgels and other products have a higher bioavailability because they’ve been through a nano-emulsion process to make their particles smaller. With the cannabinoid particles are made smaller through this method, they become more readily absorbable by the body. The molecules are able to absorb much easier and faster by being made smaller like this.

What Effects Can I Expect?

If you’re new to CBD, you could be wondering right now – what effects am I supposed to expect when I take this stuff? Fortunately, CBD is non-psychoactive, so there’s no high or other mind-altering effects that come with it. Rather than saturating our body’s cannabinoid receptors, like THC does, CBD may help those receptors push other receptors into better, more efficient gear. Our serotonin receptors, for example, aren’t controlled or altered by CBD, but they are made to respond more efficiently over time thanks to the influence CBD may have on our endocannabinoid system.

Most people report feeling relief after about 4 weeks of routine, daily use. Consistency is the key, and everyone is different, so you may notice something sooner or later than the 4-week mark. As a method to promote general wellness and support health, the driven effects are different for each person. Some experience a calmer mood, easier days, and even waves of relaxation, so there’s no telling what it might do for you.

If you’ve never tried CBD before and you were just trying to decide which product to use, we hope this guide helped lead you towards your preference. It may take some experimenting, but once you discover the CBD product that’s right for you, you’ll be able to feel a noticeable difference compared to the wrong serving size or method.

Final Thoughts

What’s the best way to take CBD? There are a lot of different methods, so it really ends up falling on the user for which method is the best. If you’re talking bioavailability, vaping or CBD tinctures may have some of the highest bioavailability out of all CBD products, but softgels through nano-emulsion technology may certainly come in close behind them.

In the end, it comes down to which method you prefer to take of CBD. Once you discover which method you prefer to take the most, whether it be an oil, applying a salve, taking a capsule, or something else, you’ll be able to experiment with the serving size until you find what feels most comfortable for you and your needs.