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Bubba Watson had this to say about it

“Just because of, I’m getting older,” Watson told TheStreet. “The inflammation in my body, waking up with better sleep. That was the two things I focused on. With a 7-year-old and a 4-year-old at the house, and playing golf all day, I needed some energy fast.

Yes,it appears Watson and many other pro golfers are starting to admit they are using CBD. It’s not unusual to see them taking a dropper full of their favorite tincture or grabbing a container of gummies as they head from one hole to next.

Staying focused while playing golf at the top level means getting the edge on the competition. So what are some of the other things the pros are doing to stay focused that might help your golf game?

Stay relaxed, from the time they go to bed at night before a golf tournament , until the time they step foot on the first tee, they’ve had a dropper full of CBD, done yoga ,meditated and went for a walk. Being relaxed is the number one thing to do before your golf game. Being relaxed helps you focus on the shot.

Visualize the game, most golfers and athletes of any sport will tell you, they have spent every hour of the day leading up to the big game and visualizing the entire game in their head from start to finish, going over every detail from the way they tie their shoes to the way they will approach every scenario that might arise during the game. You might not be able to predict every single shot, but you will have gone over every best and worst case scenario, to help you react when the time comes to playing your best round of golf.

Practice the routine, it can’t be said enough that practice makes perfect. From taking your first swing to the way you grip the golf club athletes do the same thing every time over and over until it becomes exactly the way you want it to happen on game day.

Leave the last hole behind, just played a terrible hole? Stay focused and remember the last hole is just one hole, not the entire game . Remember the first thing you read was stay relaxed! Don’t start throwing clubs or pointing blame on the other players. Grab a CBD gummy ,relax and focus on the next hole. Remember golf is 18 holes not 1.