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There are two types of stress men deal with. Emotional and physical, but today the modern man deals mostly with emotional stresses instead of physical ones, though his body cannot rationalize the difference.

When it comes to emotional stress the body is sometimes flooded with naturally occurring chemicals in the body. Three stress hormones are involved in the flight or fight syndrome: cortisol, epinephrine, and oxytocin. Cortisol and epinephrine lower immunities and raise blood pressure. Oxytocin softens the reaction of cortisol and epinephrine by relaxing the emotions. Men release less oxytocin than women, and therefore have a stronger reaction from both cortisol and epinephrine. So Are Men More Stressed Than Women? 

Stress is something that affects every individual differently. Knowing your own signs of stress is the first step in helping to reduce stress from your everyday life. The following are some of the Physical and Psychological signs you are dealing with emotional stress or high levels of anxiety.

 Physical signs of stress
Psychological signs of stress

With today’s forever changing and fast pace lifestyles, stress can be caused by a number of things. What’s causing your stress is something you might already be aware of, and in some cases you might be displaying a new behavior that is caused by certain types of stress and are not aware of, but people around you can see. Here are some of the top causes of stress in men today.

For years, on the top of the list as a cause in reported cases or surveys concerning stress was financial problems. Some research found that men worry about finances and supporting a family. Debt  triggers stress, which increases mental health problems. Make one financial decision at a time. …

  1. Track your spending. Set a strict budget
  2. Identify what is causing your financial stressors and make a debt free plan
  3. Avoid purchase temptations
  4. Remember what’s important
  5. Differentiate needs VS wants

Some surprising research is  In the latest survey from the American Psychological Association at the top of the list are stressors like Presidential elections, Health Care and Mass Shootings. According to the APA “Mass shootings are the most prevalent source of stress cited by U.S. adults in 2019, with a majority of all adults and those from different racial and ethnic groups saying mass shootings are a significant source of stress in their life.The percentage of those identifying mass shootings as a stressor has increased from 2018”.  You can read the entire report at

Finding ways to deal with stress can also cause anxiety for some that have not gone through anything like this before. There are simple to more complex ways that individuals have dealt with stress. Just know that there’s a way for everyone, sometimes one may take a little longer than another.

Meditation is an easy and quick way to release some stress and clear your mind. It can virtually be done anywhere. You clear your mind in as little as 5 minutes of quiet, still meditation.

male doing yogaYoga is a wonderful way to keep your body free of tension and stress. For beginners to advance this is a very low impact form of stress and anxiety relief. Join a group class, practice in your home via an app or online yoga instructor. Either way it’s certain to help you reduce stress.

Ever thought about playing in the rain like a child again? Don’t laugh just yet! The smell of rain can be very refreshing. The feeling of the rain hitting you can have a positive calming effect on your mind. It is something different and different is something you need to do when you feel a bout of stress coming on. Taking yourself out of certain situations or the environment that is causing the stress is the first step.

For the men at the Heaven’s Organics family, the number one way we deal with stress is exercising regularly. We always make sure we set aside at least 30 minutes a day for physical activities for a chance to release that built up daily anxiety and stress. Even better ,try starting your day with some sort of exercise to get your mind clear and your blood pumping for a stress free day.

Another favorite of the Heaven’s Organics family is taking the dogs for a long walk at the end of the day. Try putting on some headphones and listen to your favorite music, podcast or nothing at all. The point is something as simple as a walk with your dog can be a mind relaxing event for both you and your pet.

So I’ve listed just a few ideas to help you deal with stress. Remember everyone has different stress and everyone needs to deal with it in a way that helps them individually.

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