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Family-run and family-inspired, there are few things that drive us forward harder than the 4 motivators we support in everything we do.

Heaven’s Organics is proud to be a husband and wife brand that started small and reached for the stars. We are honored to watch our 4 children bloom into the unstoppable humans that they are, helping us and inspiring us to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

It’s thanks to them that we fell in love with CrossFit and weightlifting, and it’s thanks to them that Heaven’s Organics stands tall as the premium-quality, health-conscious brand that it is today.

How did Heaven’s Organics bloom into a brand with a growing community, though? Let’s go back to our roots, touch on how it all got started and highlight the goals we’ll never stop reaching to achieve.

Our Fitness Champions

Kailey, is the one that helped introduce the whole family to weightlifting and CrossFit both.

From Kailey herself, ““As a cheerleader for 7 years, I would have never expected to quit that out of the blue to start something brand new and foreign. Immediately though, I fell in love with Crossfit and weightlifting. It became more than just a sport; it became my everything. It has taught me more than any other thing has. I learned that as I physically grew, I grew mentally twice as much.”

When she went on to compete at Junior Nationals, she set 4 new personal records for herself and qualified for Senior Nationals – as well as the American Open Finals. “Competing here made me realize that with my dedication and passion for the sport, I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to.”

The passion and dedication she continues possess carries over into our drive to keep Heaven’s Organics rising to the top. We feel so lucky every day that Kailey has inspired our younger kiddos, too, even at young ages.

Since he was a toddler, our Landon has always been an athlete. He played with one of the best hockey travel teams Florida had, and started CrossFit in his early teen years. From there, he discovered a passion for pursuing overall fitness, and we couldn’t be more ecstatic. He followed Kailey’s lead and fell in love with weightlifting, competing for his team at local and national levels.

And our Kassidy is no couch potato – she’s always been an all-around athlete herself. She did gymnastics, followed in her sister’s footsteps with cheerleading, and now she’s tackling weightlifting just like both her siblings. She’s a tiny, but strong, powerhouse that never ceases to amaze us. She teaches us balance in her own way, making sure to spend time with her friends when she’s not participating in one of her many sports.

Amber, the oldest of them all ,who is now a wife and mom herself. Amber grew up competing in karate events and was even asked to be on Team USA and traveled the world competing. Amber was the assistant captain and only girl on her high school hockey team. Amber joined the Army right out of high school. Amber currently daily and helps coach her kids soccer and baseball team. Amber says “I enjoy being active and keeping my kids active and motivated in physical activities daily”


It’s our fitness champions that keep our mission so clear: help others find the same balance that our family is fortunate enough to have discovered together. We want to share our passion and knowledge, combined with incredible ingredients, to help others achieve the same experience our family has gotten to enjoy using Heaven’s Organics’ products.

What is CrossFit?

One of the most popular high-intensity functional training modes across the world, CrossFit is internationally recognized, and there’s even been a systematic review on the effects a CrossFit practice can have.

There’s not a lot of data we have on CrossFit on a clinical trial level, but what we do have was compiled from four meta-analysis articles and 31 articles for the systematic review.

Besides any of the general benefits a consistent fitness routine can have on your overall health and wellness, the compilation of research concluded that CrossFit practice could be associated with a higher sense of satisfaction, community, and motivation.

We’re living evidence that backs up what the review was able to conclude, with our children leading the charge on promoting overall general health and improving fitness levels. It’s led us to a healthier, more active lifestyle, so we couldn’t be more thankful to have the kids we do that are also the driving point for our brand.

Is CrossFit Safe?

CrossFit often gets a bad reputation for causing more injuries than the average sport or athletic activity because of the high-intensity, rapid, and successive movements typically involved in the practice. In a 2018 published document on whether injuries are more common with CrossFit than other forms of exercise, 3 studies were reviewed.

The key findings involved the injury risk of CrossFit training to be comparable with or lower than Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, soccer, ice hockey, football, rugby, and track and field.

5 Tips to Stay Safe with CrossFit

Heaven’s Organics strives to help our entire community enjoy the balance our family gets to feel. For maybe other families or groups among our community, we hope they can enjoy either CrossFit, weightlifting, or some other athletic activity like we do.

Both activities involve weights, though – and sometimes heavy ones. CrossFit can also incorporate endurance training, aerobics, gymnastics, and high-intensity running. In other words, they’re not for the faint of heart. We want you to be able to train at your absolute best, and that means pushing your limits, but safely. Safe training is vital to any athlete’s success. We’ll touch on weightlifting later, but let’s look at how you can prevent CrossFit injuries when you start pursuing one of the things we’re so passionate about.

1. Warm Up and Cool Down

Only stretch when you cool down, and warm up with light physical activity before you dive into the high-intensity that is CrossFit. Always warm up before you jump into a strenuous workout so that you don’t risk damaging your muscles and joints.

2. Listen to Your Body

YOU know you best – if it hurts, stop doing it. CrossFit is designed to test your limits but pushing past those limits can be dangerous to your body in the long-term. Safety should be your number one priority, and that means going into the intensity of this practice gradually.

3. Slow and steady wins the race

In fact, we’ll put “practice gradually” into a tip of its own. Small, consistent gains are better than big leaps for improvement. Use gradual, incremental increases each week, build on them consistently, and you’ll notice results a lot sooner.

4. Don’t do what that guy on that viral video did

Look, the videos that are viral across social media platforms and other precarious parts of the Internet are only to be viewed, and potentially laughed at. Please don’t try to replicate something you see online when it involves CrossFit – and don’t listen to your friends even if they try to egg you on.

5. Use the buddy system

Finally, bring a partner to workout with. CrossFit isn’t the most dangerous physical activity, but you can always increase your safety by working out with someone who’s got your back. It’s nice to have someone that can help you watch your form, and you theirs. When it’s time for heavier exercises, it’s also ideal to have someone there to spot you.

Benefits of Weightlifting

Since resistance training is not nearly as new as CrossFit, there’s more data on the subject of weightlifting than there was for the former.

Here’s the skinny (literally): inactive adults can lose between 3% and 8% of muscle mass each decade. This is also accompanied with fat accumulation and resting metabolic rate reduction.

In a 2012 review published by the Department of Exercise Science at Quincy College, researchers looked at how resistance training was like medicine in regards to the effects it has on health.

They observed than 10 weeks of resistance training could reduce fat weight, increase resting metabolic rate, and increase lean weight. There’s also a potential of resistance training improving self-esteem, cognitive abilities, functional independence, walking speed, movement control, and of course, physical performance.

Some studies indicated it could increase bone mineral density by 1% to 3%, promoting bone development, while others looked at how it may both assist with prevention or management of type 2 diabetes by increasing the density of glucose transporter type 4, reducing HbA1c, improving insulin sensitivity, and decreasing visceral fat.

There’s a massive plethora of benefits that come with weightlifting on a consistent basis. The benefits people report to have from CBD are all observed for weightlifting, too, so adding a CBD product to your workout routine could help you with results you might be looking for.

How Safe is Weightlifting?

When it comes to weightlifting, a review compiled 20 different studies on the matter. For every 1,000 hours of training, only one injury is produced, on average. The payoff for weightlifting provides more benefits than it does risks – as long as you’re using proper form and following safe weightlifting practices.

4 Tips to Stay Safe with Weightlifting

Just like we provided for CrossFit, we’re here to provide you with a list of helpful advice to stay safer when you start practicing weightlifting. Whether you’re new or it’s just been a while since you stepped under the bar, safety always comes first.

Many of the tips we mentioned above, like utilizing a workout partner, listening to your body, and warming up or cooling down are universal, so you can follow those same rules for weightlifting.

1. Demand to have good form

This isn’t a joke – good form is necessary for not only for safety, but also for gains. You can completely waste your time lifting weights if you didn’t use proper form to do it. Be a stickler for good form to reduce the risk of injury and maintain a higher quality of training.

2. Stay hydrated

While it should go without saying, you can overuse and age your muscles by overtraining them, especially while you’re dehydrated. Have water handy and make sure you drink enough throughout the day.

3. Stretch after a workout

As we age, ligaments, tendons, and muscles become less limber, and cartilage wears down. Make sure you stretch regularly after your workout to ensure your body stays as limber as possible, as long as possible, and you limit the impact weightlifting has the potential to do.

4. Make it a regular time investment

Unfortunately, weekend warriors often find themselves feeling worse long-term than those who work out consistently throughout the week.

The Bottom Line

The passion our children have for CrossFit, weightlifting, and having the whole family maintain an active and healthy lifestyle is what keeps our strive towards top quality with Heaven’s Organics a never-ending mission. We want to share with our community our CBD-rich hemp-derived products that help us get the full CBD experience for our workout or throughout our day.