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What to avoid and things to look for when buying CBD Oil:

In the recent past, cannabidiol (CBD) has been one of the most coveted items in the market. As a result, the market has seen an influx in companies dealing in CBD.

However, before you jump online to get yourself some CBD oil, you should first note some of the concern regarding CBD oil. While the oil has myriad benefits to your body, there are more than a few companies that mislead customers with false and biased claims.

These companies do so by cutting corners on the extraction, production, and distribution of CBD oil. Consequently, you end up with subpar CBD that doesn’t deliver on the aforementioned benefits. Additionally, these inauthentic oils could end up causing harm to you.

How then, you would ask, can you ensure you get quality CBD? Great question, let’s look at some of the benefits you’ll experience when you choose quality and go for the best CBD oil.

Benefits of CBD oil:

Using CBD has numerous advantages to your body. You may have come across endless lists on the benefits of using CBD oil. However, some of these are not grounded on any research. In fact, some of these claims are what some illegitimate CBD sellers use when marketing.We recommend doing your own research and consulting with your doctor if you are taking any medications. You can also reach out to a Heaven’s Organics consultant to answer any questions you may have regarding CBD and CBD products.

CBD oil can benefit you in a number of ways. However, you need to ensure you get the best quality CBD oil and not settle for the substandard stuff.

There are certain evident red flags you should look out for when purchasing your next dose of CBD oil. When you notice any of these, proceed with caution, or better yet, choose a trusted retailer, like Heaven’s Organics.

avoid when buying cbd oil
Some of the red flags to look out for when buying CBD oil include;
  1. Companies using artificial ingredients

There are a lot of  benefits from using organic CBD like Heaven’s Organics.
Unfortunately, some companies will choose to cut corners by using products not grown in the USA and misleading you on their effects.

When you look at some CBD edibles, such as gummies, some companies choose to mix CBD with high- fructose corn syrup. This lowers the potency and efficiency of organic CBD and, quite frankly, is just not good for your body.

When buying CBD oil, look at the ingredients to make sure none of the ingredients are harmful or unhealthy. If the seller does not display their components, you should proceed with caution. All ingredients should be clear on the product label.

  1. 3rd party testing

Every CBD oil manufacturer should have a certificate of analysis, commonly referred to as CoA. The CoA should be from a credible and independent laboratory. The certificate should be availed to you upon request –something you should do before choosing where to buy your CBD.

Learning this, some companies with illegitimate CBD oils have started providing generic certificates. Thus, you need to know how to interpret the data on the lab report. Extensive lab reports will consist of multiple pages and provide extensive testing to include Mycotoxin testing this is testing for heavy metals, pesticides and solvents.Lab reports should be immediately available to the consumer. Here at Heaven’s Organics all products are tested for Mycotoxin. All lab reports are available on our website on the Lab Results page. 

When looking at the CoA, make sure the CBD content listed matches what is quantified on the packaging. Additionally, make sure the packaging clearly stipulates the ingredients and their concentration levels.coa

If the lab results don’t match what is on the packaging, or when the packaging doesn’t show the ingredients, you should turn away and look for a more credible source.

  1. Scanty cultivation and extraction processes:

To get the best CBD oil, the cultivation and extraction processes need to be pristine. When planted in an impure or harsh environment, hemp can absorb various metals and toxins from the soil.

When planted in any environment, they end up absorbing the harmful toxins and minerals, which lowers the quality and efficiency of CBD oil. Moreover, some of these toxins and foreign metals are harmful to your health.

Again, if the company you’re buying from doesn’t provide enough information on their planting and extraction processes, you should proceed with caution.

Ultimately, CBD is one of the best solutions for a number of conditions. Because of the natural factor, it comes highly recommended. This, however, means some will try and rush to make a profit from this. And that is why you should ensure you’re buying CBD oil from a high quality and trusted source

Here at Heaven’s Organics our goal is to provide our customers with as much information and education as possible. If you ever have any questions or concerns we are available to help you every step of your CBD journey. Contact us anytime!



*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.