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Every trip around the sun is cause for celebration, but once you go over the hill, you may notice some changes. Aging is natural, but there’s no harm in defying it to always look and feel young after 40. In fact, some of the most famous Hollywood actresses are over 40 and clearly thriving.

Steal a page from their book and you’ll be looking and feeling younger after 40 too. Here are 11 ways every woman can be at the top of her game even in her 40s, and beyond!

  1. Nurture your true friendships

When your friends want to make plans for a quick dinner or drink, make the time. Everyone gets busy but meeting your friends at least once a month can do wonders for your spirit. Studies have found strong friendships are linked to longevity and a more youthful feeling. Besides, like you need an excuse to have good eats and drinks in good company!

  1. Always exercise

Exercise is always on the list of healthy habits at any age, and for good reason. If you’ve already been keeping fit, keep it up! But if you haven’t, there’s no better time to start than in your 40s so  you can slow the aging on your cells. Plus, you’ll just feel great overall!

  1. Take classes on something that interests you

You are never too old to learn something new. Being young in your mind is also important to prevent degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. There’s no need to take on a full schedule of college classes (unless you want to, of course) but to even sign up for a weekly art class, language class, or something that intrigues you will help you feel young and energetic.

  1. Use the power of persuasive fragrance

Ever notice how just a sniff of a smell you recall from your childhood can bring you right back there?Smell is a powerful tool for how we perceive things. Fragrances that have citrusy notes will make you seem younger to everyone around you. Grapefruit in particular could make people think you’re 5 years younger, though any citrusy scent will do.

  1. Focus on your meditation

Meditation is one of the best things you can do to benefit your physical and mental wellness in one. Simply making the time to fit 5 minutes per day will help you conquer stress, anxiety, and depression. Plus, it helps you tune into yourself so you’ll feel a greater understanding and unbridled youthfulness.

  1. Adopt a positive mindset

If you want to feel younger than 40, it’s time to start thinking positively about yourself and the world. It’s easy to feel like this is the end of the road, but look ahead with positivity! There’s still so many wonderful things to look forward to. The way you perceive aging can help you slow down the pace for which you age. So, feel positive about things and you’ll feel better with every year while slowing down that ticking aging clock.

  1. Smile more

The older we get, the less we smile. When we look at children, they seem to have smiling dialed in. Studies show that those that make smiling a constant are seen as younger. Additionally, if you remind yourself to smile throughout the day, you feel happier overall since it helps prep your mind and lessens your stress to help you feel more positive-minded.

Fuel yourself with anti-inflammatory foods

As science understands more and more about chronic diseases, one thing can be traced back to all of them…inflammation. Your body responds to injuries or infections with inflammation, a normal response. But when it is constantly triggered, it can lead to diseases. The best way to stay healthy and feel vivacious after 40 is to fill your plate up with more vegetables, healthy fats, and fruit. Even some red wine is an ideal choice for having the heart of the young.

  1. Make sure you drink enough water

One of the biggest cardinal sins women over 40 tend to commit is not drinking enough water. It’s so easy to slack on this one detail, but while it seems minor, it affects your body in a major way. When you start drinking the right amount of water, your body will naturally feel more energized. Plus, your skin will look healthy, clearer, and brighter, and don’t you want that? Of course you do!

  1. Don’t forget your multivitamin

Even if you eat all the right foods, it’s hard to get every vitamin and mineral you need in the proper amounts. A multivitamin ensures you’re getting everything you need to protect your bones, immunity, and support all bodily functions which leads to feeling more youthful every day.

  1. Reduce stress, anxiety, and pain

By the time you’re in your 40s, you probably think all the stress, anxiety, and random pains are normal. While it’s a common occurrence for many, you don’t have to live like that. Try yoga, have more sex, get a massage, or treat yourself to a pampering experience at the spa. Each of these things can help you feel better over time.

Another great option for women over 40 is CBD oil. It can provide healthy support that ties in with all of these healthy habits. CBD oil tinctures are ideal first thing in the morning for better clarity to move through brain fog or in the evening to help calm after a busy day.

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