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Uniting the mind and body in harmony is what yoga is all about. It’s something that has been practiced since ancient times, and now, science stands behind what people long ago believed. Yoga has benefits for everyone, and the sooner you start practicing it, the sooner you’ll see those results. It’s never too late! No matter how old you are, you can start practicing yoga today. Here are 8 reasons why you should start today!

  1. Yoga builds strength

Oh sure, it only looks like a bunch of weird poses. But yoga is so much more than that. You can get a real workout from those faster-flowing techniques, leaving you winded. It’s not the same as running but it does tone and strengthen your muscles, improving your posture and agility that will serve you well in life. 

  1. It helps you lose weight naturally

Remember that whole mind-body connection? Yoga is amazing for that because you will start to be more mindful in all your intentions. That includes eating. You’ll be aware of the present, focusing on what you’re eating rather than zoning out and eating more than you should.

  1. Yoga improves digestion

As you work to connect your mind and body in a more harmonious way, your internal organs will all fall into line too. The twists and turns you do in yoga massage the organs of the digestive system. Along with eating healthier, high-fiber foods and you’ll see an improvement in digestive health.

  1. It helps boost immunity

Your digestive system isn’t the only thing that will benefit from yoga. Your immunity will too. It can boost the immune system on a cellular level which means it may help with chronic disease. 

  1. Yoga makes you more flexible

One of the worst things about aging is that our muscles and joints become tighter over time and less flexible too. Something as simple as bending down to tie your shoe or walking up stairs can be a huge pain and if it continues, you may have mobility issues. Yoga can stretch all those tight places and improve the flexibility of muscles and range of motion for joints. It can also reduce pain from osteoarthritis

  1. You’ll be better balanced

In your mind and with your body, yoga brings balance. It not only tunes them into each other but also helps you fine-tune each sector. Physical balance is the one you’ll likely notice first though. As you practice yoga more frequently, you will feel the sense of balance in everything you do from hiking to biking and beyond. Yoga

  1. Yoga may help heart health

Is your heart healthy? You won’t know unless you go to the doctor. But one thing you can be sure of is that even if you feel fine, there are no symptoms to heart disease. Taking care of your heart whether it’s healthy or not is important for us all. You can improve blood pressure, lower your heart rate, and ease palpitations, all with the calming breathing, postures, and meditation from practicing yoga.

  1. Reduces anxiety and bring clarity to the mind

The reason the ancients practiced yoga in the first place was to prepare for meditation. By focusing on breathing, it helps us stay in the moment. This makes it an effective tool to fight stress, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, yoga has such a profound positive impact on the mind and body that it can help you sleep better and will truly enrich your overall quality of life

CBD and Yoga: How This Combination Adds More Benefits

CBD and yoga may be a match made in heaven for boosting that mind-body connection. CBD is known for enhancing the mind, and paired with yoga, you’ll notice even more improvements in your health and wellness.

It’s something that researchers found even in 1979 with how yoga clears the mind. As per one study, it brings calmness to the mind that puts you right in the present. Along with that, another study brought about the theory that the endocannabinoid system naturally present in the body is linked to your own consciousness. 

In other words, what this all means is that if you use CBD and yoga together, you’ll really unite the mind and body and get greater good out of it. With CBD and yoga, you’ll have a better connection and adaptation. Your focus will improve while you’ll have greater inner awareness. 

Plus, inflammation, which is the hallmark of all chronic diseases, will be reduced combined with yoga. You’ll enjoy faster muscle recovery through it all, allowing you to keep up your new healthy habits and keep both mind and body young and spry. 

The plant compound CBD can give you the healthy support you need. CBD oil tinctures can help you improve your yoga practices and stick to the program. Heaven’s Organics  CBD oil tinctures and yoga are a perfect match. They come in refreshing flavors like lemon, orange, and mint to support your healthy lifestyle. With CBD and yoga you’ll be on track to bonding your mind and body with the harmony of good health, no matter your age!